4 Tips for Buying LED Signs

LED signs are one of the easiest ways to incorporate digital signage into your place of business. However, if you’ve never purchased them before, you might feel a little adrift by all of your choices and options. Here are just four tips for buying LED signs that will make a real difference in your workplace.

1. Determine Your Needs

What are you hoping to accomplish with your signs? You might need different sizes, shapes and colors depending on the task at hand. For example, if you’re marking off a hazardous zone at a construction site, you could buy a bright yellow sign that says “DANGER.” If you’re directing traffic at a pediatric dentist, you might want something calmer and more soothing like a pale blue sign that says “wait here.”

2. Figure Out Its Limitations

If you need a sign that can use emojis, make sure that the product supports non-text images. If you need a sign that can change colors or fonts depending on the day, look for signs with programmable menus that offer different style options. You don’t want to buy a product with limitations that you aren’t aware of, so always check the back of the box before you take it home.

3. Evaluate Its Level of Technology

Some LED signs are just really bright static displays. On the other hand, digital LED signs can be programmed with things like computers and smartphones. If you need to be able to change your signage at the click of a mouse, make sure that you’re investing in tech-friendly LED signs. Some of them even come with Bluetooth capabilities for added convenience!

4. Mind Your Budget

There’s no “usual” cost for LED signs since they can range from simple to ornate. Generally speaking, however, you’ll have to pay more for bigger and crazier displays. You should also budget for things like shipping, installation, insurance and future repairs if you’re truly trying to stretch your dollar. The listed price of the sign isn’t the only price that you’ll pay, so it’s better to include these expenses in your calculations in advance.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for LED signs like Inskrib. Whether you’re looking to advertise sales at your grocery store or direct traffic around your government office, LED signs can be a big help in your work space.…

Simple That can Help To Protect Your Family From A Home Fire

According to The National Fire Protection Association, in the U.S., every 3 hours someone dies as the result of a home fire. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep your family safe. For example, The American Red Cross recommends two simple steps that can help protect your family from death or injuries as a result of a home fire. These two steps are easy to implement and they can save the lives of your loved ones.

1. Smoke Alarms Save Lives – Make Sure they are Installed and Working

Make sure your home has smoke alarms and that they are in good working order. A working smoke alarm can alert your family in the event of a fire. You should have one on every level of your home. Additionally, smoke alarms should be installed in all sleeping areas as well as outside of bedrooms.

Of course, if the smoke alarm isn’t working, it’s not going to be able to offer the life saving benefit of an immediate warning when a fire is detected. A smoke alarm should be checked on a monthly basis. Make a plan, such as always test your smoke alarm when you write your rent or mortgage check. The important thing is to ensure that this simple safety check is done every month. If your smoke alarm isn’t working, replace the batteries immediately.

Have an Escape Plan

Create a fire escape plan and make sure every member of your family knows the plan. In fact, it is recommended that you practice your fire escape plan at least twice a year so that every member of your family knows exactly what they’re supposed to do if it becomes necessary.

If there is a fire in your home, make sure everyone knows that they are to get out and stay out. You can call for help once everyone is safe. Of course, if you are trapped on an upper level of your home, it’s important that you have a plan for how family members can get out safely. For example, companies such as ResQLadder can provide some excellent solutions for evacuating from the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, or even higher levels in your home. You’ll find an easy to store second story fire escape ladder to be an affordable and convenient way to protect your family and ensure they are able to escape in an emergency.

It doesn’t take long to make sure that your family knows how to be safe in the event of a fire. A little preparation can save lives.…

Tips To Start Your Job Hunt

As you start your job hunt, make sure that you’ve done everything in your power to arm yourself with the most effective tools to get the best job possible. A resume that sells your best qualities and looks clean and professional is your best defense. Set yourself up for success by creating a resume that will stand out and draw the attention of potential employers.

Clean and Easy to Scan
Most resumes don’t get more than a quick scan. Make those few minutes count by putting together an easy to read and impactful resume. Use wide margins, embolden important details, and use bullet points to call attention to important details. Also, be sure that your resume doesn’t exceed more than one page. A resume that cuts to the chase and is brief and well organized is what generally gets the most attention.

Sing Your Praises
Many people make the mistake of spending a large amount of time detailing their job requirements. Make sure that you don’t exclude your accomplishments. In fact, a strong resume will place more emphasis on the things that were accomplished, not job duties. For example, you want to showcase the knowledge, skills, and accomplishments you achieved in advanced vacuum technology in your last place of employment, not just what the job entailed. Potential employers are interested in what you were able to do that made a difference.

Adapt Your Resume to the Industry
It’s generally best to be conservative when it comes to how you design your resume. Unless you are seeking a position in a creative and artistic driven industry, stick to classic styles. If you’re seeking a position in the engineering field, potential employers probably won’t appreciate that lilac colored resume with the unique font. Stick to clean lines and a classic style. The information on the resume should drive your resume and create the interest, not the way the resume itself looks, unless, of course, the job you are seeking is in a more creative field.

Basically, your resume is your one shot to make the best impression possible. Understand that you have to be able to impress a potential employer relatively quickly. Make sure that the information on your resume is as impactful and effective as possible. Put your best foot forward on paper. Keep it clean, conservative, and neat, and adapt it to fit the specific industry. You can’t go wrong if you highlight all your best qualities in a concise and easy to read manner.…