Benefits of Cannabis Leaves epilepsy

Florida medical marijuana – Besides useful for appetite enhancer for Cancer Patients, marijuana IS ALSO claimed to cure epilepsy. Scientists from the UK have proved that this plant can treat epilepsy and scientists are currently preparing clinical trials in humans.

Doctor Ben Whalley, drug Researchers from the University of Reading recently some compounds proven effective in reducing cannabis plant prod-prod electrically happens in the brain. Whip-lash that is the trigger of seizures in Patients with epilepsy. On medical marijuana in Florida u can get more info about it.

This compound among them is cannabidiol, a compound of marijuana that makes the wearer can be drunk. In treating epilepsy, cannabidiol assisted by other compounds in the cannabis plant Whose name is still quite foreign-GWP42006.

Pre-clinical testing in animals has shown, the two compounds are very effective and safe to relieve the whip-crack of the electric trigger seizures. To Determine the Appropriate therapeutic dose for humans, in the near future Doctor Whalley and his team will conduct clinical trials.With the help of medical marijuana Doctors in florida we can ask anything information about benefits of  Cannabis.

Those are some surprising benefits owned by marijuana for health. This does not mean you can directly use marijuana if they have any of the above diseases. The use of cannabis must go through appropriate procedures and in the appropriate dosage as well to get optimal benefits and prevent the bad effects that can be provided by marijuana.