8 Things You Need to Be Prepared to Apply for Jobs

Each student or students who have completed their studies certainly hope soon to get a job. As new graduates, alumni typically have high ideals of the work that will be chosen. For example, after graduation, I would like to work in a company with a market share throughout a particular country, or even working in a multinational company with a large salary. There also are not so idealistic, so he just thinks that is important to get a job first, any company with a salary that is not too high. Everyone has their views in this regard. For more information about executive knowledge for a new employer, you can see in employmentboost.

In this article, I try to look at some things that need to be prepared to apply for jobs, among others:

1. Prepare a complete application file

Application file that needs to be prepared, including:

a. Diploma and legalized transcripts
This is the first thing you should prepare. As an applicant, you ‘sell’ your diploma to get a job that is appropriate. Transcripts are also an added value to you, especially its value better than the standard already established companies. Some companies require abandoning the original certificate to be stored in the company as ‘collateral’, such as in the banking companies and some retailers. Therefore, it would be nice if you coat your diploma and transcript with a laminated manner. This is to ensure that the diploma is not quickly broken, given your certificate is valid for life. Prepare also copies of diplomas and transcripts legalized. Usually, at the time of application, you will be prompted to submit copies of diplomas and transcripts legalized. Prepare a copy is sufficient to apply for state-owned companies, while private companies just use a photocopy legalisiran alone (which legalized copy).

b. Recent photograph
The photograph used in applying for jobs typically use a photograph used on the diploma. However, you should use a recent photograph (if age diplomas already more than 2 years). For photographs, use formal attire.

c. Valid identification card and a copy as well.
Often also occurred during the opening vacancy company, ID card applicants has expired aka expired since forgotten extend KTP. It’s trivial, but it can be fatal, especially during the manufacturing process or need a renewal of ID cards.

d. Certificate course or your expertise.
As an added value you in applying for a job, also attach a certificate that you have. For example, you ever attended a computer course, or courses, or awards you’ve ever achieved. Better yet, if you attach a certificate that relates to the job you are applying.

e. The envelope folio size, clip paperclips, etc.
If some of your key files are already prepared, prepare the media to submit your application as a brown envelope folio size.

2. Prepare stationery

Stationery you need to prepare to complete the application requirements, such as the signature, etc. Additionally, stationery will also use when the written test for the selection of prospective employees in a company. Stationery you need to prepareĀ  include: pens, pencils 2B, HB pencil, eraser, sharpener / cutter, ironing board (board), paper clips, etc.

3. Find a job information

To get a job, you can get it from various sources, among others:

a. Newspapers (newspapers) or tabloid.
Job information in the newspapers there every day, but for large enterprises, usually provide job information in the newspaper on Saturdays and Sundays.

b. Internet
Now the era of information technology, all kinds of information can be easily obtained via the internet. There are many websites that provide job information. Please type in Google “job”, there are many sites there. To get the latest job updates, you can subscribe to the site by using an RSS feed or email opt-in, can also through Facebook pages or groups on Facebook.

c. Your partner in a company
This is not intended to nepotism, but merely the most recent information from the company where you work colleague. The decision whether you will be accepted or not, the affairs of the company.